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Audio Level Analyzer Type BK3011C

Image: BK3011C Audio Level Analyzer (MEMS Mic Tester)
The New MEMS Mic Tester: In keeping with our goal of constant improvement, we have upgraded our BK3011 MEMS mic tester! The BK3011C is more modular, easier to connect and with the new Test Shop upgrade, easier to use. But the basic features are still the same. Then BK3011C enables you to check mic characteristices over a frequency range using a stable, constant SPL sweep. It still produces both graphs and numerical data but now will automatically classify both PASSing and FAILing DUT's so you can keep track of quality issues and trends.

And the BK3011C can be connected with a BK2120A Earphone tester to save both time and space while testing headsets or handsfree units. If you'd like more information on our BK3011C for QA or QC testing, just send me an email to see if it's the right system for your needs.