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Remote Control Voice Recognition Tester Type BK3013

Image: BK3011C Audio Level Analyzer (MEMS Mic Tester)
The RF Voice Recognition Tester: Ready to help you take on the leading edge of consumer technology, we have designed a machine that tests microphones which both use RF and are used for voice recognition. The BK3013 runs a uniform SPL sweep to calculate FRF and also runs an SPL sweep that allows you to test the SPL range of your mic. Our "Test Shop" program will show you the results in graphs and allows you to have the computer check specific points in the test.

The model file is easy to set up and makes setting up multiple machines a simple procedure. It also allows you to save data to evaluate later in a spreadsheet program. The BK3013 makes QA or QC an easy step on your product line.

If you need more information, please send me an email to see whether it is the best solution for you.