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Speaker/Receiver Unit Tester Type BK2120A

Image: BK2120A Speaker/Receiver Unit Tester
The Microspeaker/Earphone Tester: Our new, upgraded BK2120A is a complete system for testing both acoustical features and rub & buzz in microspeakers, receivers and earphones or earbuds. It is just as fast and easy to use as our "Classic" BK2120A speaker tester, but because it connects with a LAN cable, you can use it with a notebook, as well as a PC. Its new modular design also makes maintenance more convenient and the redesigned BS1123 software is even easier to use and more versitile than the old version. You still get both graphical and numeric test data but with more display options than before. We still customize our machine to your special needs and of course you can still save your data to analyze later. Easier setup, improved design, more features, easier to use: we expect our new BK2120A to be even more popular than the original! Use it for testing on the assembly line, QA or for QC testing. If you'd like to know more, contact me here for more information.

If you need something bigger, check out our fully automatic BK9012 speaker tester, which is based on the BK2120A and can test up to 8 DUT’s simultaneously!