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Piezo Actuator Unit Multi Tester Type BK2118

Image: BK2120A Speaker/Receiver Unit Tester
The Piezo Actuator Unit Multitester: You are always improving your technology and we are right there with you. We developed the BK2118 to help you ensure that your piezo actuators are what you expect them to be. With up to 4 vibration sweeps and 2 channels, you can test a variety of characteristics at a speed that matches your product line. The core technology in the BK2118 is the same as our top selling BK2120C, with the same easy interface and the ability to back up your product's performance with saved test data. It also has the option of entering your own feedback so you can easily see how your DUT's perform during testing.

If you have to guaranty the quality of your piezo actuators, then the BK2118 may be the machine you are looking for. Contact me for more details.