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2 Ch Linear Vibration Motor Tester Type BK2120C2

Image: BK2120A Speaker/Receiver Unit Tester
Linear Vibration Motor Tester: If it's not broke, break it. And when our BK2120C was a top selling product, we redesigned it. We took all the feedback from our customers and implemented it with a modular design to come up with a system that is more versitile, easier to use, and easier to set up. The core concept is the same; the BK2120C runs up to 4 vibration sweeps, which you define, to check whether your linear vibration motor is within the limits you set. And now you can set up your own feedback so it's even easier to determine the class of pass or the reason for failure. You still get fast, high quality testing for your linear vibration motors on the product line. And it's still versitile enough to be used for QA or QC as well.

If you're interested in the BK2120C, drop me a note. If you need a bigger, faster system, have a look at our 6 DUT automatic BK8017 Linear Vibration Motor Test.