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Multi Channel Linear Vibration Motor Aging Tester Type BK8018B

Image: BK8018 Multi Channel Linear Vibration Motor Aging Tester Image: BK8018 jig Image: BK8018 Screen
The Linear Vibration Motor Ager: The BK8018B is our biggest Aging Tester for linear vibration motors. Connect up to 20 DUT's and the system will automatically test them all simultaneously. As well as evaluating current, it can also connect to accelerometers to test vibration characteristics. You can see information on the monitor in real time, and also store it to analyze later so you can keep track of the accuracy and stability of your manufacturing process. In addition, we will modify BaKo’s BS1123-BS8018 program to fit your needs so that the testing you do is a custom fit.

If you need fast, accurate linear vibration motor aging testing, email me here for more information..