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Noise & Vibration Measurement Systems Type BK8600 Series

Image: BK8600 Series Tester
The Rotation Tester: Rotation can produce noise and extraneous vibration for any number of reasons and could cause wear, discomfort, or other problems. The BK8600 series of testers are specially designed to test for these.

The BK8600s can acquire concurrent data from several transducers, and the BS1122 software analyzes it according to your specifications, allowing for powerful systems with short test times. In addition to a simple PASS or FAIL, subtle differences in frequency or vibration data can be seen in any of various customized graphs or as numbers, to give you the information you need. It can also be stored to keep track of trends and monitor potential problems. Is a BK8600 the tool you need to keep your quality and reputation where you want them?

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