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D-Mic Testing System Type BK3012V2

Image: BK3012 d-Mic Tester
The D-Mic Tester: Easy to use and faster than human testers can load, the new BK3012V2 is the upgrade of our popular BK3012 D-Mic tester. Setup is even easier than for the BK3012 and you can enter specifications and be ready for testing in a few minutes. As well as testing, the BK3012V2 can be connected to a computer, so you can keep your results and analyze them for current quality and trends over time.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help you keep your standard for D-mics where you expect it, contact me here. We've got other models you might be interested in as well. The BK3012B is our Dual D-Mic Tester that tests 2 mics on the same board. Or if you need a superfast tester, check out our fully automatic BK9013 D-Mic Tester, which is based on the BK3012V2.
Image: BK3012V2 Mic Tester Front Image: BK3012V2 Test Open Image: BK3012V2 Mic OK Image: BK3012V2 Mic Short